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Embassy of the Republic of
Slovenia Budapest

Cseppkő ut. 68
1025 Budapest II.

T: (+) 36 1 438 56 00
F: (+) 36 1 325 9187
E: vbp(at)gov.si

H.E. Ms. Ksenija Ĺ krilec

Ambassador H.E. Ms. Ksenija Ĺ krilec

Dear visitors,

It is our honour and pleasure to welcome you on the website of the Slovenian Embassy in Budapest, which is dedicated to provide you basic information on the Republic of Slovenia and the cooperation between Slovenia and Hungary and Bulgaria

Relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Hungary and the Republic of Bulgaria are excellent. Cooperation in culture, education, science and economy has been increasing over the years. The visibility of Slovenia in Hungary and Bulgaria and of Hungary and Bulgaria in Slovenia has been strengthening, particularly after the first joint working meeting between the two governments, the introduction of the euro in Slovenia and the enlargement of the Schengen area, as well as Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We are brought closer by members of the Hungarian national community in Slovenia and the Slovenian minority in Hungary living in the Raba region. They are an important bridge between both countries.

The basic mission of the Embassy is to deepen the relations between Slovenia and Hungary and Bulgaria that are formed by all of us, therefore your contribution will also be valuable for us.

Ksenija Ĺ krilec, Ambassador 

20 years of Slovenia's independence

In 2011, the Republic of Slovenia celebrates the 20th anniversary of its independence. The anniversary will be celebrated with many events in Slovenia and abroad. Information on the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's independence is available on the website: http://www.twenty.si


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